Welcome. We’re Hannah and Kelty, hosts of a podcast and video series that empowers parents to transcend their parenting struggles with awareness, grace and purpose. We search for meaning as mothers by engaging with the most difficult aspects of parenting — basically, all the interpersonal, conflict-filled moments that make us want to drink wine and hide under the covers.

Upbringing represents our journey to get more comfortable amidst our most uncomfortable experiences, inspired by the belief that these experiences are where real growing up happens. Explore a handful of our core beliefs below and visit our Empowerments to learn more about what guides us on this parenting / podcasting adventure.


• We’re not done yet. Let’s acknowledge that we have as much growing up to do as our kids. When we see parenting as an inside job, we grant ourselves permission to show up and grow up.

• The hard stuff is the good stuff. Let’s get crazy and choose to believe that our kids’ tough emotions and behaviors have inherent value. Engaging mindfully elevates the situation, their skills, and our bond.

• Every parent is an activist. Let’s think of every interaction with our kids as a way to build their brains and hearts. When they learn respect, connection and trust in our homes they can move through the world in kind.

• The dream is alignment, not perfection. Let’s work to embrace how things feel more than how things look. Connecting to our inner voice and core values allows us to act with intention as we build our own personal parenting philosophy.

• We’re better together. Let’s redefine parenthood as a collective movement rather than a solitary practice-- an opportunity to learn from, support and inspire one another on this insane adventure!

We’re so happy you’re here. Let’s show up and grow up!