We're Hannah + Kelty.

We are twin sisters who live with our families on a 27-acre farm just outside Portland, Oregon. Formerly partnered as The Weaver House, a photography and design studio, we transitioned from full-time self-employment to full-time motherhood in 2014. Today we co-run UpBringing, a podcast that inspires parents to grow up alongside their children. Join us as we explore controversial topics, troubleshoot daily challenges, interview other parents, offer mindset tools and strategies and summarize / review popular personal development literature.








We are excited you’re here. Though parenting is a beautiful journey, it can also feel isolating and difficult at times, and we don’t believe any parent should suffer alone through common struggles or feel shame in sharing their feelings and experiences. We hear you. We understand you. And we hope you’ll join us in redefining success as a parent and child by seeing parenthood not as an identity or state of being but a lifelong journey toward self-understanding, connection and fulfillment. Every day is an opportunity to start fresh- with yourself, your child and your life- and that growth begins with bringing fears and challenges from the darkness into the light to examine, work through and learn from together. Let’s raise the bar for ourselves and our families!


Our Story

We are twin sisters who live with our families on a 27-acre farm just outside Portland, Oregon. Formerly partnered as The Weaver House, a photography and design studio, we transitioned from full-time self-employment to full-time motherhood in 2014. 

Motherhood was everything we hoped for and nothing we expected. Though we had ‘winged’ just about every new adventure in our lives before beginning families, we quickly realized that when it came to parenting, instinct alone was insufficient in navigating the daily ups and downs with confidence and success. At times we found ourselves questioning our judgement, wondering how to set expectations fairly with obligations coming from all directions, and unsure where to focus our energy and attention. The infinite opinions and piecemeal information on the web was overwhelming, and though we had strong support from friends and family, we oftentimes felt adrift and lacking. We needed a program.

Luckily, a friend shared the RIE philosophy (Resources for Infant Educarers) and a new world of emotional and practical support opened up to us. We felt relief to find a framework of related philosophies that aligned with our own values, not to mention strategies that prompted us to examine our own intuition and cultural beliefs. We began to personalize our approach to parenting and soon found immense freedom in three words that used to terrify us: I don’t know. We came to recognize that we were on a journey of growth alongside our children; as we strove to become our best selves, we also began to let go of the expectation to be and do everything perfectly. We were set free! As time went on, friends began to show interest and find value in our knowledge and approach. The more we shared, the faster we found like-minded parents who were also searching for respectful, evidence-based guideposts to hone their own family philosophy… and UpBringing was born.

About Hannah

My primary role at UpBringing is content development for the podcast and videos, which means I plan the episodes, do the research and write them. I am also the voice of the podcast’s episodes and interviews, and love time as Kelty’s sounding board on the creative content side of things.

A little about my history: I taught Spanish to kids in California and English to adults in Barcelona after graduating university with a BA in Spanish & Portuguese, minor in anthropology. My interest in the brain and behavior led me to create / lead memory enhancement classes for senior citizens in San Francisco, followed by five years coordinating / conducting neuropsych testing and fMRIs at a research lab in Portland’s VA/OHSU hospitals. Hearing the personal stories and reflections on relationships became one of my favorite things about working with students, older adults, and research participants. Passionate about learning more, I began a PsyD in clinical psychology shortly after getting married. I left the program when I realized that the purpose or “why” was missing for me. Leaving was one of the hardest decisions I’ve made, but I’m grateful every day that it allowed me to pursue fulfilling creative work with Kelty and to begin building an intentional life with my husband, Alex.

Becoming a mother to now four year old daughter Roy Imogen led me on a new adventure of inquiry, personal growth and empowerment. I discovered the philosophies / approaches of mindfulness, respectful and simplicity parenting shortly after Roy was born, and the birth of my son Lazlo Pau two years ago fueled my passion and education. The ”why” began taking shape! I am now a CPDPE and SPFLC, and completed study in RIE Foundations Theory & Observation in LA this year.

About Kelty

I direct creative content for UpBringing. That means producing shoots, directing custom art and creative collaborations, and running UpBringing’s social media and web presence. Still, my favorite time spent is co-producing and co-hosting the podcast with Hannah as we explore topics that pique our curiosity and tap into our greatest struggles.

A bit about me. Two of my favorite classes as an undergrad at Stanford were ones I taught myself in my dorm room: how to use Photoshop and how to develop b&w film from my beloved Zeiss 35mm camera. My passion for connecting to the world and others through documentation and design led me to San Francisco where I designed messenger bags and continued my education in web design and branding at a local agency. My next venture, Steep Street, took me around the country shooting portraits and branding small businesses and artists. Steep Street became The Weaver House in ‘12 when Hannah joined me for full-time creative shenanigans.

Today I find myself mother to two incredible, infuriating and hilarious little beings. My daughter Wilder (3) and son Inigo (1) are now my greatest reminders to slow down, pay attention and focus on what is most important in my world. Living on an organic meat and vegetable farm run by my husband Justin has fueled my respect and desire for simple, purposeful living, and the time spent outdoors somewhat balances the hours I spend on the computer, sourcing art and stalking amazing parents to interview and collaborate with.