Convo: A-lan Holt, poet / playwright

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Today on the podcast we speak with A-Lan Holt- acclaimed poet, playwright and professor. We connect about:

  • Approaching parenting as a form of self-actualization

  • The ways to be softened by, instead of hardened by challenges - thinking of parenting as a process of cleaning up the mess, thereby supporting us and our kids
    The idea of transforming curses into cures -- that just beyond the pain is something useful

  • How showing up and just sitting though whatever meets us at that moment is a superpower

  • The power of chosen, intentional family

  • Why our stories are worth remembering and worth being present to - the ways in which we can powerfully shape the narrative as storytellers

  • The relationship of imbalance between men and women in the cultural conversation around parenting

  • How to take shame away from being in service to ourselves-- also known as the quickest way to dismantle the patriarchy

  • That growing up has more to do with saying yes to a call that deserves a response

  • How to let your creativity (and child!) be what it wants in the world

  • Why it’s not about making “good art”, but about making markings along the way

  • How we can all strive to make love out of messy situations

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