Convo: Alela Diane, singer-songwriter

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Today we speak with with singer / songwriter Alela Diane. We connect about:

  • Her tour experience and the importance of creating time away from your life as a parent

  • How the unpredictability of the predictable grind is one of the hardest parts of parenting

  • The power of mindfully paying attention to and absorbing the good moments

  • Why walking meditations are vital for the creative spirit

  • How we can all seek to redefine productivity as parents

  • The pressure women can feel to appear unaltered by motherhood

  • The magic of lullabies and co-ownership of music with our kids

  • Why questioning ourselves and our fears is the key to conscious parenting

  • How to embrace and celebrate the changes in our lives, bodies and spirits

Learn more about Alela and her new album Cusp by visiting her website and follow her travels, life and music-making on Instagram @aleladiane.

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Thank you, Amber Okamura, our friend, collaborator + magical illustrating genius for Alela’s portrait!

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