Feature: Big Magic by Elizabeth Gilbert

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Today we feature Big Magic, written by the incomparable heart-warmer / spirit-challenger, Elizabeth Gilbert! We banter all about:

  • The magical jewels hidden in each of us, made real by becoming a parent

  • How to comfortably co-exist with fear

  • Our desire to separate our genius (or lack thereof)  from our sense of self and worth

  • The super power that is the “arrogance of belonging”

  • A way to think of parenting as a devotional path to stay true to

  • How to embrace the grand paradox of our work being both everything and nothing

  • Looking at your lot in life as a tasty shit sandwich

  • The ways in which we can meet our destiny with good cheer and curiosity instead of martyrdom

  • The ever-powerful reminder to fucking LIGHTEN UP. Seriously. Or not seriously, rather.

Learn more about Elizabeth Gilbert and her book Big Magic: Creative Living Beyond Fear by visiting her website www.elizabethgilbert.com and follow her magical life on Instagram @elizabeth_gilbert_writer.

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