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Welcome · Conversations Intro

Today we describe the “why” behind the first of three upcoming episode types: Conversations.

The big theme at work in our interviews with parents will be that *WE’RE ALL GROWING UP TOGETHER!* That means we’re growing up alongside our kids as well as within a greater tribe of parents.

In this episode we discuss:

 · What it means to be a “grown-up”

    · How we’re all imposters (and that’s ok)

    · The mindset shift that set us free

    · The wedding our kids never got

    · The culture of shame around giving a shit

    · What determines success as a parent

    · Why we’re better together

    · What we’re looking forward to in our conversations

Let’s show up and grow up!

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We want to hear your thoughts. We care deeply about what you think and how you’re doin’, so get in touch -- we’re better together.

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