Convo: Emily Katz, artist / designer

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Emily Katz, founder of Modern Macramé, connects with us about:

  • Her upbringing and its influences on her aesthetic and creative process

  • How recent KonMari work has helped cultivate intention, gratitude and freedom

  • The beautiful melancholy of holding on and letting go to the things and beings we love most

  • The gift of reconnecting with her mother after 20 years and the role macrame played

  • How the creative process can help us authentically connect to both ourselves and others

  • The thoughtful indecision of deciding whether to become a parent

  • A fantasy-meets-functionality idea for child-sharing in a culture of nuclear families

  • Why we should ask ourselves if and when a situation is a Fuck Yes!

Visit: to learn more about Emily, her DIY materials, workshops and her book, Modern Macramé, now available at any bookseller. Find her on instagram: @emily_katz and @modermacrame.

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