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THE HARD STUFF IS THE GOOD STUFF. That means the most challenging experiences we have with our kids aren’t actually obstacles to our goal for raising wonderful humans -- they have inherent meaning, value and reward!

In this episode we discuss:

· Why our children’s challenging behaviors make us so uncomfy

· The devilish ways our brains can fuck us over

· Our decision to choose a healthier form of denial about hard things

· How farm chores informed our approach to parenting

· The research that reinforced our naïve trust in the hard stuff

· How “leaning in” can hurt so good

· Hannah’s sliding doors mall meltdown moment

· The little trick to help our brains make big girl choices

· How accepting the “as-is” can turn the hard stuff into the real stuff

· The gist of our 12 Empowerments

· Why we’re only as close to a dream as we’re willing to get to its obstacle

· The leap of faith that is controlling less and trusting more

Let’s show up and grow up!

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