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*IT’S ALL CONNECTED! This means that the many facets of our lives are able to inform and strengthen each other -- if we let them!  

In this episode we discuss:

· How “It’s All Connected”

· The problem with wearing a buncha hats

· Why parenting is so compartmentalized

· How to create your own subversive lullabies

· Our Big Magic AH-HA moment

· Why Hannah took Alex to therapy

· Kelty’s grown-up tantrum

· Why the self-improvement genre is less taboo than parenting

· Why reading parenting books can suck and how learning parenting through personal growth can kick ass

· The bookmark slogan that will calm your reading butterflies

· How freaky feelings can be informative and galvanizing

· What we’re looking forward to in the Features

Let’s show up and grow up!

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