Convo: Gretchen Jones, weird specialty

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Gretchen Jones, intuitive business advisor and sartorial inspiration connects with us about:

  • The similarities between bringing a child or bringing creative work into the world.

  • How living with intention is about choosing active, mindful living over passive, reactive living.

  • Why alignment is the opposite of “choking” our dreams into existence

  • That letting go of our egos can be the difference between gratitude and struggle

  • How asking WHY can create a life that is more effortless than effort-full.

  • Intuition (trust) vs. instinct (fear).

  • Why there is no failure, only feedback.

  • Why intentional dissociation is valuable: less as a survival tactic, more as a magical tool.

  • The critical responsibility all creatives and parents face as participants in society.

  • Why we should be asking ourselves questions that challenge our way of doing things!

  • How raising fluid, flexible, intuitive, critical-thinking children is the key to a kinder, looser, easier, collaborative world.

Stick around at the end of the conversation for our After Show, where we twintalk our favorite moments and reflect from a parenting perspective!

Learn more about Gretchen at Dive into her philosophy and approach, her upcoming speaking and workshop engagements, her critical conversations podcast and how you can book a consultation. Find her on instagram: @gretchen_jones where you can delight in her sustainable fashion adventures and stay up to date on the events and talented guests she’ll be sharing Critical Conversations with via her podcast. We’ll be one of them!

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Thank you, Amber Okamura, our friend, collaborator + magical illustrating genius for Gretchen’s portrait!

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