Feature: The Magic of Groundhog Day by Paul Hannam

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Our feature today is The Magic of Groundhog Day by Paul Hannam, a book exploring the classic 1993 movie Groundhog Day, starring Bill Murray. Happy 25th anniversary to the movie!

The two of us banter on about:

  • How Groundhog Day = the parenting experience -- in more ways than mere repetition

  • The mind-blowing concept of a “personal reality” + the ways it can limit us as parents/people

  • How entitlement, approval, insecurity and control can rob us of the magic around us

  • The Groundhog Day effect and how each of us is somehow living our own version of it

  • How we (and our kids) all ride the DABDA roller coaster sometimes (wheee!)

  • The power of paying attention… aka mindfulness

  • How gratitude, repetition, acceptance and slowing down can help us break out of our personal realities to live more joyously and authentically

Learn more about Paul Hannam and his new book The Wisdom of Groundhog Day by visiting www.paulhannam.com.

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