Convo: Jodie Patterson, activist/author

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Jodie Patterson, social activist and author of The Bold World connects with us about:

  • The unconscious biases we hold about gender - when can gender be obsolete?

  • How we can celebrate and support a non-conformist, diverse “lab” of a family

  • The beauty of self-identified labels that can promote fluidity and acceptance

  • Why we struggle to distinguish body from spirit, physicality from identity

  • How we can consciously work to create a legacy for our kids

  • Why oppression is oppression, be it gender, race, sex or age

  • The opportunities we have to support our burgeoning disruptors / activists

  • Why we should bravely ask ourselves “am I capable?”

  • How we can “transition” to best ally with the transgender community

    And join for our After Show, where the two of us twin talk:

  • The limits of labels - how we can find better ways to honor our kids’ personality & efforts

  • The beauty of our kids’ spirits - how we can bear witness and support that unique identity

  • The power of a non-conformist family - how we can ‘lab it out’ to learn and love

  • The magic of blind spots - ways to bravely discover opportunities for growth in our lives

Visit: to learn more about Jodie, her story and The Bold World, now available at any bookseller. Follow @jodiepatterson on Instagram to stay up to date on her inspiring activism, events and speaking engagements.

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