Feature: Start With Why by Simon Sinek

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Start With Why is our feature today, written by the eternal optimist, teacher and author Simon Sinek. The two of us banter all about:

· How leadership is leadership- whether in a company or family.
· The real difference between holding power vs. INSPIRING.
·  Why we should consider the ways our thoughts/perceived truths affect our behavior.
· The problem with the carrot-and-stick approach to life and parenting.
· Why loyalty matters.
· Simon’s Golden Rule - the WHY, HOW, WHAT of everything.
· Ways to explain the importance of our ethereal and intangible feelings and impulses.
· Why, as parents, we should be seeking ways to inspire hearts before minds.
· The ways in which charisma outshines energy.
· Why trust leads to passion for both us and our kids.

Learn more about Simon Sinek (and his new book The Infinite Game) by visiting www.startwithwhy.com. See what he’s up to on twitter @simonsinek.

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