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Upbringing · Welcome · A Brief Introduction

Welcome to Upbringing!

Today, we introduce ourselves and our mission. We're Hannah and Kelty and we're here to talk about how the hard stuff is the good stuff. We believe that every parent is an activist. We’re all able — through all of our interactions and choices with our kids — to create profound social change. Seriously. And we’re convinced that this change is borne within the hardest moments. Not as negative obstacles to our dreams or ideals, but as the magical way TO them. This is where the work lies, and really where we want to get more comfortable. Give us a listen. We promise you’ll chuckle. You’ll feel inspired. You’ll be ready to show up and grow up alongside your kid.

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Let’s show up and grow up!

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We want to hear your thoughts. We care deeply about what you think and how you’re doin’, so get in touch -- we’re better together.

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