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We are a podcast and video series that empowers parents to show up and grow up alongside their children. 


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Hannah + Kelty
Twins. Mothers.


Upbringing is a movement that empowers us all to engage bravely with the hardest aspects of parenting to create profound, positive change in ourselves, our families and the world.

No pressure or anything. But let’s get real— we all hope to raise compassionate, aware, respectful and fulfilled humans — a much-needed generation of peacemakers, innovators, disruptors, and thought leaders. Right?

And yet, we all struggle to reconcile our vision for the future with the challenging behaviors of our kids today. Upbringing builds intention, elevates skills, and aligns our values so we don’t undermine the very qualities we hope to inspire in our children. When we work to accept their feelings, respect their bodies, and honor their will, we make the dream possible. When we choose trust over fear, connection over control and progress over perfection, we’re not just raising our kids— we’re raising ourselves.

It’s time to rise up! To challenge the inherited dogmas and limiting beliefs that disconnect us from the people we want to be and limit the kids we hope to raise. Let’s show up and grow up!



The Podcast



We’re better together.

The parenting experience is as universal as it is diverse, a magical opportunity to share and learn from one another. Our conversations seek to build a tribe of conscious humans who bravely share their struggles, creatively pursue their dreams, and who passionately elevate the dialogue around what we do and why.


It’s all connected.

The many facets of our lives are interconnected, each able to inform and strengthen the other. As we review and summarize resources on habits, creativity and personal growth, we will apply these coveted skills and perspectives beyond our work and personal lives and into our experience as parents.



The hard stuff is the good stuff.

Our children don’t bring out the worst in us — they challenge us to become our best. These episodes examine ways to align our ideals with our daily parenting practices. Together, we’ll build skills around the only thing we can control — our own thoughts and behavior.


Stream episodes on our PODCAST PAGE or on our favorite streaming app — Apple Podcasts:


Our Empowerments

Some may call them beliefs, guideposts, tenets, or mantras; we call them Empowerments. Each reminds us of the sacred responsibility to reflect our greatest ideals amidst the shit-storm of our experience as parents. Empowerments are vital touchstones that inspire authentic alignment between what we believe and what we do.

Do we practice them every single day? No way. And that’s the point — they’re the kick in the ass that keeps our heads clear and our hearts in the game.

Some Empowerments may resonate, others may repel but we hope they inspire you to define and endeavor to live by your own. We will expand on the meaning of each in our podcast episodes as well as our Dear Upbringing videos!



Dear Upbringing


Grab your bev of choice and join us virtually as we laugh, cry and question our way through a universal parenting struggle. We want to hear from you! What’s haunting your dreams lately? Worrying you? Frustrating you? Makin’ you feel like crappola?

The topic for each Dear Upbringing video will be chosen from the DMs and emails you send our way, so keep ‘em coming. Commiserate from the comfort of your own home via our Videos Page, Instagram TV or Youtube. Cheers!



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